We provide a flexible, dynamic and multi-disciplinary support in relation to all the industries of interest to investors and new ventures. Our mission is to support clients and colleagues in all matters related to business in Italy, North America, Middle East and Africa.


Our mission is to combine our deep knowledge of the aerospace, defense and security sectors and we can advise on all the legal issues you face within the sector, on just about every type of agreement, transaction and dispute that the industry presents.

We provide expertise in:

  • Defense contracting and procurement
  • International co-operation and strategic partnerships
  • PFI, equipment leasing and receivables financing
  • Export Control and Customs
  • Risk allocation
  • Employment and immigration
  • Dispute resolution


Our approach combines disciplines and provides legal solutions for all advice needed on any infrastructure investment or activity across a variety of sub-sectors. We work on major infrastructure project financings, mergers and acquisitions (both public and private) relating to greenfield and/or brownfield infrastructure assets, regulatory matters, arbitration and litigation and construction projects.

We are experts on all relevant regulatory aspects concerning designing, constructing, managing and disposing of infrastructure assets in all relevant sub-sectors.
Our construction law expertise in Italy and internationally is without equal, both in structuring and negotiating deals, as well as in managing complex issues at all stages of any project.
Our combination of expertise in all relevant law aspects makes us as the best choice for any innovative PPP project in Italy and beyond.


Our energy skills are deep in specific energy related areas, such as Oil & Gas (both on upstream, in particular exploration and production and downstream, as to issues related to design and construction of all type of plants); Renewable and clean technology (regulatory and project related matters); Energy disputes.
Our professional represented clients in the power, oil and gas, renewable, nuclear, energy trading, climate change and water markets.
Our lawyers provide strategic advice on planning, development, financing and permitting matters, as well as legislative, political and regulatory issues.
Our construction law expertise in Italy and internationally is without equal, both in structuring and negotiating deals, as well as in managing complex issues at all stages of any project.
Our combination of expertise in all relevant law aspects makes us as the best choice for any innovative PPP project in Italy and beyond.


Any construction project success depends on the quality of the project documents and ensuring that the project is delivered to the required standard, on budget and on time. We are experienced in all sectors of the construction and engineering industry including infrastructure, transportation, energy and development. We advise on all manner of procurement methods, from commercial developments to major international, domestic, civil and process engineering and energy projects.

We assist clients in analyzing the risk profile of their projects and selecting the best type of delivery method for the project. After selection of the desired construction method, we assist clients in negotiating the contracts.

Disputes are part of the construction and engineering industry and we help clients avoid them by advising on potential issues at the earliest stages of projects. If a dispute does arise, we have skilled construction lawyers who can manage all of the litigation, arbitration, adjudication and alternative dispute resolution procedures.


We offer a full range of legal advice in the area of ICT. This includes preparing, negotiating, and handling legal proceedings involving ICT contracts for software development, licensing, maintenance service and support through to outsourcing, cloud, apps and e-commerce.

Our lawyers assist in the following areas, in conjunction with our partners:

  • Data protection compliance
  • Data security and data breach
  • IT systems assessment, compliance analysis
  • Cyber-crime related advice and related investigations
  • Employees’ control
  • Strategic consultancy is relation to transfers of personal data abroad
  • Assistance in relation to proceedings before the Italian Data Protection Authority


Our lawyers provide skilled advice and legal services on every aspect of government contracting and public procurement, from bid strategy through to potential challenge. These services include preparation of strategic alliance agreements and teaming arrangements; bid protests and challenges; and contract administration and claims. Our lawyers also litigate contract disputes and claims involving contractors.


Our real estate practice and experience ranges from real estate developments (residential, commercial, offices, hotels, leisure and entertainment, social housing, etc.) to any features of real estate, including construction, construction litigation, sale and acquisition of assets, leases, and more complex private and public infrastructure projects. We have in-depth knowledge and vast experience in all types of transactions in the real-estate sector. We have well-established relationships with the real-estate sector and regularly host joint events and round tables with the main players. We constantly monitor and analyses new regulations and instruments for the real-estate sector, so we can offer you the most innovative solutions available.


We offer innovative partnering solutions to Incubators and Accelerators in Start Up, Incubators & New Ventures in strategic areas, such as Renewable Energy, Innovative Engineering, IT and Security, etc., in Italy as well as in selected countries, including Tunisia and Albania.


Our firm’s professionals have excellent knowledge of transport and shipping law, and we also have a detailed understanding of operators. Our experience as advisors to ship-owners, port authorities, terminal operators, shipyards, shipping agents, logistics operators and other major players, as well as our contacts within international specialist firms enable us to create a tailor-made solution every time. We assisted in major privatizations in Italy as well as in top notch transactions concerning port related deals, including mainly container terminal concessions.

The assistance we provide includes:

  • infrastructures (contracts related to the implementation of the Italian high-speed railway system, Bridge over the Straits of Messina, Taranto Container Terminal, IT National Port Community System PPP)
  • litigation (civil and administrative proceedings, national and international arbitration, enforcement in Italy of foreign judgements and arbitration awards)
  • logistics and transport (highway transport, forwarding contracts, warehouse contracts, integrated logistics services, nuclear waste and other dangerous goods)
  • port and airport law (terminal contracts, handling contracts, authorizations and concessions)
  • restructuring and insolvency (debt restructuring agreements of shipping companies and airlines, pre-bankruptcy settlements with creditors, multi-jurisdiction insolvency proceedings)
  • shipbuilding and yacht-building (shipbuilding and refitting contracts, MOA and bill of sale, leasing, bare-boat charters).